Gifts of real estate are accepted by the Franciscan Friars but require prior approval by the leadership of the Province. Prior to formal acceptance of the property the following must be obtained:

  1. Preliminary title report covering the subject property (the title report shall reflect that the title is vested in the donor in the form represented, and is subject to no claims, liabilities or major defects of title).
  2. Independent appraisal by a qualified appraiser of the subject property.
  3. A list of improvements to the property.
  4. A current list of leases, if any.
  5. A list of encumbrances, liens and current expenses, if any.
  6. A commitment for title insurance.
  7. A physical inspection of the property made by an agent designated and authorized by the leadership of the Franciscan Friars.

If you are interested in donating real estate to the Franciscan Friars, please contact Ms. Ali Packard by phone at 916-443-5717 or by email at