Fraternal Care Trust

The Fraternal Care Trust was created for one purpose: to set aside funds for senior friar care and the formation and education of friars. The Trust is a separate legal entity from the Province of St. Barbara Funds. Consequently, contributions to the Fraternal Care Trust are legally protected and cannot be used for anything other than senior care, vocations ministry, and formation and education of friars. Donations to the Fraternal Care Trust may not be used to settle lawsuits, to pay parish bills or for other purposes.

Senior care and formation/education expenses are the two largest financial responsibilities of the Province. Because of the critical nature of these responsibilities, it was necessary to establish a separate fund that would not be among the resources the province could use to settle debts.

At this time, the Province of St. Barbara numbers about 185 Franciscan friars spanning across the United States and working in mission territory. Of these friars, more than 70 are over the age of 70 — that’s between one-third and one-half of our friars! (More than 40 of our friars are actually over the age of 80.) Although most of these men of God still live in Franciscan communities and continue to work in the Lord’s vineyard, a number of them now need residential care and are in various assisted living facilities. Paying for their care is very expensive, and we simply cannot do it alone.

Then there is the other side of our Franciscan life. As a religious order, we have great hope for the future. The province currently has between 15 and 20 men in various forms of formation or education — that is, preparing for solemn vows, priestly ordination or some other ministry-related service. In an age when many religious communities are struggling to survive, we've been blessed with vocations. This blessing, however, comes with a steep price tag. The education and formation of our younger friars is also a very expensive undertaking, something we cannot fund without help.

Please consider supporting the Fraternal Care Trust. By contributing to this secure fund, you can honor our elder friars who dedicated their lives to service, and, at the same time, ensure that there will be future friars to proclaim God’s love as messengers of the Gospel.

Fraternal Care Trust
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