Franciscan Missionary Union

Since its founding 800 years ago by St. Francis of Assisi, the Franciscan order has sought to answer the call of Christ to preach the good news of the Gospel to all nations.

The missionary work of the St. Barbara Province reflects that call. Today, our Franciscan friars serve a culturally and ethnically diverse population within the United States but also in other parts of the world, including Russia, Mexico, Peru and the Holy Land.

Over the years, the Franciscans have been assisted in missionary efforts by people who share their spiritual and financial resources through the Franciscan Missionary Union (FMU). Under the patronage of St. Anthony of Padua, the FMU provides critical services worldwide and makes a host of Franciscan missionary activity possible. Through financial and spiritual contributions, FMU members join the efforts of the Franciscans in the work of evangelization, reconciliation and care of the poorest of the poor.

We invite you to become partners with us in this ministry of love and compassion. By enrolling yourself and friends in the Franciscan Missionary Union, you participate in the work of Franciscan missionaries throughout the world and also share in many spiritual benefits. Please join us!

To become a member or to enroll a friend or family member, simply click on the link below. In acknowledgement, a beautiful enrollment card will be sent to whomever you designate.