Formation and Vocations

“Sell what you have and give to the poor...
Then come, follow me.”

— Mt.19:21

Franciscan friars are committed to responding to Christ’s invitation: We sell what we have, give to the poor and follow Jesus.

Part of our commitment to discipleship involves the formation and education of our newest members. And this is where we need your continuing support.

Simply put, we friars alone cannot provide all that is needed to nourish a new friar’s vocation. Families, friends, parishes, schools and other communities initially supported these men — raising them, teaching them and providing a witness to them of God’s grace and goodness. Our friars in formation continue to need these varied sources of support. Having the initial desire and passion for a vocation is only part of what is needed to follow St. Francis.

Once a man enters the order, the Franciscan vow of poverty prohibits individual student-friars from receiving direct financial help from families and friends. Instead, contributions are used to finance the formation of all the friars in common. This allows for fraternal unity within the diversity of cultural and economic backgrounds among the men who join us.

Francis always envisioned ministry that made full and active use of each brother’s gifts. In obedience to the Franciscan tradition, friars usually work while they are in studies. Our student friars provide valuable service in communities, parishes and retreat centers where they can learn first-hand about ministries to which they might have a special calling. They learn much about ministry from observing and working with their brother Franciscans with more experience — preachers, pastors, missionaries, musicians, craftsmen, chaplains, counselors, community organizers, scholars, teachers, therapists, social workers, retreat masters … and the list goes on and on.

This is only possible with the generous support of our friends in faith. During this critically important period for our men in formation, your gift to the Franciscans is an investment in their future — and the future of the Franciscan charism of peace, compassion and commitment to the poor.

The Formation and Education Fund supports the education of the newest members of the Franciscan order, as well as assists us in nurturing and promoting vocations to the Franciscan life. Most of the men entering our community must complete many years of study, which is not possible without the support of friends and benefactors.

You can help by making a contribution to the Franciscans, secure and online, with Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express. Your donation to our non-profit organization is completely tax-deductible.