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Can the Franciscans help me get my estate planning done?

Yes, just ask for our free estate planning organizer.

If you don’t have an estate plan or the one you have is out of date, the organizer prepares you to create or update your will or living trust. If you have completed your estate plan, the organizer gives you one place to store your most crucial estate planning documents. The organizer also allows you to list accounts, assets, and instructions so your loved ones can easily find what they need in case of emergency.

When completed, the organizer lifts a burden from the shoulders of your loved ones at a time of great stress. If you are worried about the economy, channel that nervous energy by upgrading your estate plan. This is not a time to leave yourself or your loved ones vulnerable to avoidable legal fees, court costs and taxes. Have the organizer sent to you, free of charge, by filling out the form below.

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