Thank You! From 21,000 Catholic Elementary Students

Here at Mission Santa Barbara in California we are often asked how the Serra Cause is progressing. People will ask when Blessed Junípero will be declared a saint, and do we have any new possibilities of a miracle that we might present to Rome.

Over the past number of years we have indeed had a number of cases that seemed miraculous to the people who presented them. Some we are continuing to document and follow, while others do not seem to be the kind that we could present to the Congregation for the Cause of the Saints in the Vatican.

The standards for authenticating miracles are very high because we want to avoid any complaints that what we presented as a miracle was later proved to be good medical treatment.

We continue to encourage devotion to Blessed Serra and we ask people who believe that they have been helped by his intercession to let us know about this.

But over the past number of years it has become very clear to me that what is really important is to spread devotion to Blessed Junípero Serra so that people can imitate his virtues, especially the chief virtues of faith, hope and charity. They seem more needed today than ever. One of the ways that we are doing this is by distributing a type of comic book (for lack of a better name) about the life and work of Father Serra. We are making it available to a number of Catholic schools in California.

It was published several years ago and is quite well done. There will be other ways of making the life and work of Blessed Serra known, and we will continue to spread knowledge about him so that people can pray to him, imitate his virtues and grow in them. We appreciate the support of our readers, both financial and spiritual, and we promise our prayers in return.