Miracle in Denver? Vatican's on the Case

The question of whether a Denver girl was cured by a miracle courtesy of an 18th century missionary priest is now in the hands of the Vatican.

The Denver Archdiocese has wrapped up its part of an investigation into whether Father Junípero Serra intervened to save a young girl from severe birth defects before she was born.

A local church team spent seven months collecting documents, including independent medical data, which is now at the Holy See for further evaluation. It’s all part of an investigation into whether the California priest is worthy of sainthood.

There’s no way to anticipate how fast the Church will act. “When we hear something, we’ll hear something,” said Monsignor Ed Buelt, part of the team. Serra has already achieved the status of “blessed,” a big step on the methodical path to sainthood.

The family of the girl, who is now about 14, believes prayers to Serra led their child to be born completely healthy, despite doctors’ warnings that she could be severely deformed.

Buelt said the girl and her family are requesting privacy until the investigation is completed.

Buelt stressed that Denver’s role was to accumulate information, not to assess whether a miracle had happened.