Specialized Ministries

The friars of the St. Barbara Province live according to the simple rule: “All honest work can be Franciscan ministry.” Our friars are involved in many forms of evangelization beyond parish ministry, retreat work and social services. These “Specialized Ministries” offer fraternal and ministerial vibrancy as well as a new perspective on leading a Gospel life as followers of St. Francis.

Specialized ministries of the province include:

  • Itinerant preaching and parish missions.
  • Immigrant- and workers-rights and union organizing.
  • Healthcare and medicine.
  • Low-income housing and direct service to the homeless.
  • Music composition.
  • Chaplaincy in prisons and hospitals.
  • Visual arts.
  • Addiction-related ministries, including 12-step work.
  • Psychological counseling.
  • Hospice care for people with AIDS.
  • Skilled labor and crafts
  • Media production

A broad range of non-profit service organizations and programs have sprung out of these ministries, including:

  • Apostolato Radio Cristiana (a radio ministry in Italian).
  • Franciscan Communications.
  • Gubbio Project.
  • Multicultural Institute.
  • Nevada Desert Experience.
  • Pace e Bene Center for Nonviolence.
  • Poverello House.
  • St. Anthony Foundation.
  • St. Francis Center.
  • Tenderloin Neighborhood Development Corporation.