Russia Foundation

The Russia Foundation is a project of the entire Franciscan order, with friars from many parts of the world coming together to provide a Franciscan presence in various regions of Russia and Kazakhstan. Currently 20 Franciscan friars live and work in the Russia Foundation. Ministries include seven parishes in both Kazakhstan and Russia; a school in Novosibirsk, Russia; a center for disabled persons and an acupuncture clinic in Almaty, Kazakhstan; a center for elderly and homeless people in Ussuriysk, Russia; a center for street children in St. Petersburg, Russia; and small center for the handicapped in Taldykorgan, Kazakhstan.

Franciscan friars from the St. Barbara Province have been actively involved in the Russia Foundation project. One such friar is Father John Gibbons, OFM, who now works to spread the Gospel in Ussuriysk and Arceniev, Russia. A native of Oregon, Father John has served in various regions of Russia for more than eight years.

The works of Father John and the other friars of the Russia Foundation rely on the generosity of benefactors. If you are interested in supporting Father John’s ministries in Russia, please click the next link.