Inspired by the example and spirit of St. Francis, Franciscan friars of the St. Barbara Province consider work and service a gift from God. We offer ourselves to the world as “friars minor” — that is, as lesser brothers — who desire to serve others to the glory of God.

Recognizing that work is the normal and principal way of providing for our need, each and every friar strives to be of service and to work faithfully and devotedly, fleeing idleness as “the opponent of the soul.”

Exercising the freedom that our rule of life affords in the choice of work, our brothers prefer those works in which the witness of Franciscan life is most evident. We take into account the needs of different times and places, concentrating especially on works that express solidarity with the poor.

In the work experiences of Franciscan friars, the following values emerge:

  • We see our work as a way of loving others. Work is a gift, a privilege and a blessing. We believe God wishes us develop our talents so that we can serve more fully and creatively.
  • We strive to integrate our labors and our fraternal life, all the while not extinguishing the spirit of prayer and devotion. We commit ourselves to sharing the fruit of our work with our brothers and sisters.
  • We promise to affirm, support and challenge one another in our work, and we willingly accept the difficulties that sometimes accompany labor, as a means of loving one another and sharing our Franciscan vision.