Franciscans for Justice

The Franciscan friars of the St. Barbara Province are called to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the tradition of St. Francis of Assisi. One of the cornerstones of our life and ministry is the promotion of justice, peace and care for creation.

Our Inspiration

St. Francis is one of history’s outstanding examples of Christian discipleship. He lived a life of deep prayer and boldly proclaimed the good news of Jesus Christ by his example, preaching and teaching. He reached out to the leper, the poor and the marginalized, recognizing Christ’s presence in them. He proclaimed God’s love and peace, actively fostering reconciliation between warring parties. In all of creation, he perceived God’s love and beauty. His life was marked by intense religious experiences, which drew him deeper into the mystery of God. Francis made the message of God’s love understandable to ordinary people.

Our Values

We seek to live the Gospel in the 21st century in the spirit of St. Francis. We do this through our daily choices, our participation in community and in our engagement with society. We work for the well-being of all persons and for social justice, which is the expression of this dignity and worth in the political and economic structures that shape society. Because we believe that human beings are created to live in community, we work to foster peace, reconciliation and solidarity. Because we believe that God created the Earth and that it is good, we express our love for God by seeking to care for creation.

Our Approach

We seek to animate justice, peace and care for creation in ourselves, in the church and in the broader society. In the Franciscan tradition, animation is a form of leadership that stresses the power of good example and encouragement. We seek not to prescribe what others should do, but to understand and strengthen in every human life prayer, service, preaching and advocacy as concrete expressions of the love of God.

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