Core Values

  • Prayer
    Grounded in the Eucharist and in both communal and individual experiences of God, friars of the St. Barbara Province embrace prayer as an integral element of our Franciscan calling. We seek loving union with God and each other through Jesus Christ.
  • Fraternity
    As brothers who love and rely on one another, friars of the St. Barbara Province celebrate bonds that transcend family ties, national origin, and culture. Our vocation of fraternity extends beyond our own community to recognize all of God’s creation as sister and brother.
  • Joy
    Goodness and grace are gifts from God that nourish our lives. Disciples of Christ in the tradition of St. Francis, friars of the St. Barbara Province are called by joy to express gratitude for God’s never-ending abundance.
  • Service
    Transformed and inspired by the Gospel, friars of the St. Barbara Province dedicate themselves to loving service of God and the created world. We strive to respond to all we meet with care, justice, compassion, and minority.

Vision Statement

As a vibrant, welcoming fraternity, we give our lives to the Gospel of Jesus Christ in humble and compassionate service, with special concern for the poor and marginalized.  Dedicated to Christ with his open arms — and inspired by Francis, who embraced the leper — we promote justice, healing, peace, and reconciliation.

As members of the Order of Friars Minor, we work to strengthen our collaboration with the Church, the Order, other Provinces, and with our lay sisters and brothers.  Enflamed and guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek always to model lives of minority and conversion.

In gratitude to those who have walked this path before us, we draw on a rich intellectual and spiritual heritage to renew and reform our fraternal life and ministry.  We offer this Franciscan tradition to members of the communities where we serve, especially to inspire care for God’s wounded, Spirit-charged creation.

As friars of many cultures, elder and younger, both lay and ordained, we respect and value our diversity and individual differences, acknowledging the dignity and holiness of the human person.

Sent from the Eucharistic table always to begin again, we depend on the gifts of the Spirit, and the gift of each other, as we follow the footsteps of Jesus Christ in a mission of joyful love.